Aaron Johnson insert photographs:  Used by permission, Utah State Historical Society.

Aaron Johnson militia records courtesy of: Department of Administrative Services. Division of State Archives and Record Service, Territorial Militia Records, 1849-1877, 1905-[1917], Utah State Archives and Records Service, Series 2210.


"MORMONKEY: The Key to News and History of the Mormon Faith"

(Courtesy: Richard Warren Lipack Collection)

Aaron Johnson and Jane Scott insert photographs:  Used by permission, Utah State Historical Society.

Here we have another simple paleographic comparison between appropriate elements found within   the exemplar Aaron Johnson militia letter shown dated "Sept. 17, '61" and the appropriate comparable elements in letter to letter connectivity, slope and flow found in the similar numbers and / or letters appearing in the inscription found behind the case liner to the 1855 1/4 plate Ambrotype.  

All of the positive paleographic comparatives  irrefutably confirm that the handwriting of the 1855 Ambrotype is in fact in the hand of Mormon leader Aaron Johnson.  

This is further supported by examining the images of the three confirmed later likenesses of Aaron Johnson herein shown against the younger one from 1855 of Aaron Johnson in the carriage with plural wife Jane Scott as found in the 1855 Ambrotype shown herein.

Here, the same paleographic comparison techniques applied in matching words and handwriting in authenticating unsigned handwriting can be applied to authenticating the 1855 1/4 plate Ambrotype cased image of Aaron Johnson and plural wife Jane Scott by using photographs as well.

Using both forms of comparison, i.e.; the written word and also photographs - the most conclusive application of the paleographic authentication process is applied in documenting that this cased 1855 dated 1/4 plate Ambrotype image is in fact, without refute, of Mormon pioneer Aaron Johnson and his plural wife Jane Scott.